2021 Fuel Your Love

Since 2016, MEMA (Maine Energy Marketers Association) and its members have celebrated Valentine’s Day by giving away free oil to homes across the state. It’s our way of delivering some love to our fellow Mainers.

2020 Fuel Your Love

The home heating oil industry is crucial to Maine residents and an important part of our local economy. 73% of Maine households use oil fuel, kerosene or propane as their primary source of heat in winter. Maine’s oil heat industry companies—many of which are small, family-run businesses—employ hard-working people in every one of the state’s counties.

Fuel Your Love 2019

Without the participation of our members, Fuel Your Love simply would not be possible. We are so grateful to our members for their commitment to this event and grateful for the opportunity to give back to our communities with programs like this! 

Fuel Your Love 2018

Want more great news? All of the oil being delivered this Valentine’s Day will either be a source of BIOFUEL or Maine’s Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil—both of which are cleaner-burning fuels that benefits homeowners and the environment at the same time. 

Fuel Your Love 2017